Customer journey touchpoints are the various moments at which a customer will directly or indirectly come into contact with your enterprise. These touchpoints make up the customer journey and are the opportunities to influence the customer experience. 

It’s impractical to think of improving the customer experience if you don’t know the moments that they go through to make that experience. These moments – the touchpoints in which the customer interacts with your enterprise – characterize the experience that customers have.

The customer journey touchpoints section needs the followings:

  • Customer journey map
  • Existing data collection instrument (if any)
  • Scope of data collection on each step

Data Collection Plan:

Data collection plan is the thorough structure through which you can get an outline of the steps from where you can take data from your customer without making the journey exhausting.

Data collection plan helps your enterprise to be in line with the outputs and outcomes you have aimed to achieve through your current and future decisions and attempts. It also helps you to keep track of the frequency of the data to be collected from each step.

Data collection plan is based on the followings:

  • Indicators you have mentioned in your theory of change
  • Rationale behind the data collection
  • Steps of the customer journey touchpoints from where you are willing to take the data
  • Frequency of the data collection
  • Key personnel responsible for the data collection