Impact Model & Impact Statement

The impact model is the overall skeleton of your impact enterprise. It shows the connection between your stakeholders, the impacts you are targeting to provide, and how much impact you intend to achieve. 

The impact model helps you to stay on track with your set of goals and the day-to-day tasks to make them be true. 

The Impact model can function as:

  • an instrument for analyzing how the operation works
  • a decision instrument for the development and definition of the vision, mission, goals, and strategies
  • a control instrument for implementing and following up goals and strategies

The Impact model makes the connections simple, clear, and easily understood. It is a tool to create a common view of how the operation is to be run. It also enables everyone to contribute to achieving successful results.


Customer Promise Sheet:

Frameworks like Impact Model can provide a good direction to What you want to collect, Why, and for Whom. If these answers are still not clear from the Impact Model, or you find yourself still having the impulse in identifying every impact hypothesis and addressing multiple priorities, you need to try focusing on the How. The Customer Promise Sheet is another framework that helps to capture how an impact statement can be turned into a real customer promise.

The customer promise sheet needs the following things:

  • Your impact statement
  • The main key value drivers of your impact enterprise and the stakeholders for each of those key value drivers
  • Data is needed for understanding if you are on track and the decisions you will make if you have those data.