Data Review System:

The data you have gathered and analyzed needs to have a review system if you don’t feel that you are staying on track. The data review system will help you to go back to your data collection plan and there you can again go through follow-ups or investigations and try to figure out the lacking.

Steps need to be taken to make a Data review system:

  • Create a review system to i) specify your review categories, ii) capture the details of your review exercises (existing & actual information, problem definition, review frequency, person responsible); iii) generate a list of review schedules (in month/years)
  • Incorporate review exercises into your data collection plan based on review schedules determined. Based on the specific areas for review exercises identified in Step 7, repeat step 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 to conduct review exercises and information analysis. Finally, proceed to step 7, and indicate action status (e.g. inform decision-maker / confirm next steps / adapt / change / revise / resolve)

Impact Report:

Impact Report is a helpful tool to get an idea of where you were having problems to reach your target and what method you are using to investigate those lacking. This also includes your final findings of the reasons for the problems and your final actions taken to eradicate those issues.

Impact Report will help you to save time on such relevant problems in future decisions. 

The Impact Report will need the following statements:

  • Indicate your problem description
  • Indicate your investigation approach
  • Indicate your findings/ A-ha moment!
  • Indicate the recommended/ approved actions