Possessing an all-rounded set of Industry, Market, and Investment Management Experienced Individuals, Turtle Venture provides a tailored and focused Investment Readiness Assessment to the aspirant impact-driven startups and enterprises, irrespective of belonging to any industry and market, ensuring to meet a certain global standard and a framework.

Our services in the Investment Readiness Assessment framework and Expertise are focused at:

Market and Industry

  • Target market size
  • Product/service demand
  • Competitive landscape
  • Industry barriers to entry
  • Regulatory environment

Business model and operations

  • Production processes
  • Product offerings
  • Strategic value chain partnerships
  • Distribution channels
  • Customer outreach

Organizational structure

  • Competencies of senior management
  • Skill assessment framework
  • Employee retention and succession
  • Employee compensation

Historical performance

  • Sales
  • Customer base
  • Gross and net margins
  • Cash flows

Growth strategy & projected financial performance

  • Company vision
  • Growth strategy
  • Detailed business plan for execution
  • Financial projections

Capital need

  • Capital requirement
  • Investment terms
  • Paths to exit/repay investors
  • Prior engagements with investors

Business impact

  • Understanding the business impact
  • Impact measurement framework

It follows a rigorous process with analytics-based Analysis and Assists the aspirant impact-driven enterprises and startups to foster business growth within the most affordable and quality ensured global industrial and market standard.

As of now, Turtle Venture has provided Investment Readiness Assessment service to 20+ startups and enterprises from various industries, from where a major portion of the service is provided to FinTech, EdTech and AgriTech startups and enterprises.