The data collection plan helps you to know from where you can pick your data. But what are you gonna do with them? You surely don’t want to lose the precious data you have collected with so much effort, right?

So here comes your partner, Data Storage, and Analysis. It’s going to be an Excel spreadsheet where you can store your data and when needed you can sort them and analyze them on the basis of your preference.

Data Storage and Analysis helps you to keep your data organized and safe. You can keep adding and deleting data whenever you feel needed.

Data Storage and Analysis need the followings:

  • Incorporate all your indicators from the data collection plan into your data analysis sheet
  • Conduct data collection exercises based on your plan 
  • Automatically link your online survey results to another sheet (data storage). 
  • Insert relevant formula (sum / average) to obtain total / results figure
  • Link total/results figure in data storage sheet to actual data in the data analysis sheet
  • Compare actual data with either target or trigger values to determine indicator status (on track or not).
  • If not on track, indicate the action status (e.g. follow-up or investigate), and describe the actions taken. For example, analyse negative data patterns to pinpoint specific areas for review exercise