Introducing a New Model for Bangladeshi Startup Ecosystem

Turtle Venture Studio collaborates with brilliant entrepreneurs to help them create, launch, and scale new enterprises. We're always looking for fresh company ideas and putting them to the test. Quarterly, we design, prototype, and validate our top concepts, which acts as a main motivator for new startups.

$25K Initial Capital Injection

Each Portfolio of Venture Studio will get $25,000 capital injection.

Hiring Right Team

Our own studio team will work as your team to grow the startup in right way.

Product Development

Venture Studio's own tech team will work on MVP/ Product Development.

Product Market Fit

The Studio will help to find the right product-market fit with proper market research.

Why Venture Studio?

  • 01

    Acts as a "True CoFounder"

    Incubators & Accelerators are just a support platform to help new startups but Venture Studio acts as full-time co-founder.
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    Access to Angels & Venture Capitals

    You will get exclusive access to our investors networks & partner VCs for early capitals.
  • 03

    Capactity to Attract & Assemble Right talents

    Early Stage Startups don't have capacity to afford expert & experience team which Venture Studio can provide

Be the Change of the Bangladeshi Startup Ecosystem

To learn more about what we look for in a company & our shortlisting process, please get in touch with us and learn more about the process of investment.

Venture Building Process

How Venture Studio Works

Turtle Venture Studio has a 4 step process of building startups to go faster and further
Step 1

Ideate & Validate

Find great ideas with talented startup founders & work with them to validate the startup

Step 2


Develop the startup with in-house expert team of growth hackers & product wizards

Step 3


Showcase the startups to the exclusive angel investors & VC Partners to raise seed round

Step 4


Give access of network in Government & International level to scale up

How You can Join the Group of Investors

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    Access to Talented Founders

    Access to talented startup founders with ideas with high scale potential and right product market fit
  • 02

    Better Terms & Better Deals

    As Venture Studio works closely with early stage startups it increases the chance to have better deals.
  • 03

    Fully Managed Deal

    We manage the entire deal process including due diligence, negotiation & execution.