The study focusing on the evaluation of technological parameters and the impact on the economics of the initiative is called the TEV study. For a successful TEV analysis, a critical assessment of technical, market, regulatory, and financial risk is taken into account. The level of technological risk and associated financial feasibility are measured in a TEV survey to help borrowers identify the acceptability of the level of risk associated with a project. A TEV work is a risk assessment activity performed prior to a bank or financial institution’s decision to approve a loan.

Here are some of the main benefits of conducting a Tecno Economic Feasibility Study (TEV) for project financing and beyond – 

  •   Focusing on project teams 
  •   Identifying new possibilities
  •   Valuable information provided for a “go/no-go” decision
  •   Reduces business alternatives
  •   Identifies a valid reason for undertaking the project
  •   By evaluating multiple parameters, success rates are enhanced
  •   Aids decision-making on the project