What The Platform Is

An Audiobook & Podcast Platform for Bengali Writers, Creators & Listeners

How They Work

More than 13 Million Non- Resident Bangladeshis, 0.8 Million Visually Impaired People & Overall 210 Million Bengali Speaking Population has no alternative to hardcover/ paperback books. 13 million Bangladeshis living abroad and without access to Bengali books. 0.8 million blind people in Bangladesh above 30 have no way to read or enjoy Bengali Books. 80% Higher production cost for physical books than audiobooks. They have an initial market size of 4 billion. The traction for their current user base is: 6,000 Registered Listeners & 60+ Writers & 19+ Publishers on ShunBoi Platform. They currently have accumulated copyrights for 1000 books.

What Services We Are Providing

Investment Readiness
Technological Support
Infrastructural Support

Contact Info Link
Website: www.shunboi.com
PlayStore App Link: https://app.shunboi.com/get/main
Mail Address: shunboiapp@gmail.com