Desher Bari

What The Platform Is

Desher bari is working to bring back the original Bangladeshi cultural food. 

How They Work

They collect from the very root level to ensure the quality. They collect their products from farmers, providing easy market access to them with just price. Their market size currently is at 24.49 Billion for TAM and $15 million for SOM. Currently the active consumer base is around 100 with an average acquisition amount of BDT 2000.

Desher Bari is ensuring that both the producers (farmers) and consumers get to have good products at a fair price. They are promoting a healthy lifestyle and responsible value chain for the organic food circle.

Their website is well built and customers can visit their website and order from their products according to need. The response time is quick and ensures a quick delivery system. 

What Services We Are Providing

  • Consultancy
  • Investment Readiness


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