What the platform is?

Aggregator platform connecting dairy farmers to micro-retailers

How They Work

From the supplier side of the story, farmers lack access to local markets and direct consumers, have trouble setting just pricing, and cannot acquire a fair revenue because of multiple intermediaries. They also have issues with storing and transporting the products to the consumers. 

From the consumer’s side of the story, they have an absence of quality assurance or verification of products running through the supply chain pipeline; on a more digital note, unbanked transactions and a long wait of payment and delivery cycle. Additionally, there is a dependency on unskilled, unreliable, and informal middlemen who reap the benefits from both sides while contributing nothing of value or quality on either end. 

What Khamar-E does to solve these problems is that they connect the farmers to the consumers, cutting the middlemen off of the supply chain and working on creating further facilities such as retail stores, warehousing, transportation, technical support, transactional support, and much more!

What Services We Are Providing

  • Consultancy
  • Investment Readiness

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