Rising Together: Meet & Greet with Razor Capital organized by Turtle Connect Symposium

Rising Together: Meet & Greet with Razor Capital organized by Turtle Connect Symposium

Setting the Stage: Inaugural ‘Turtle Connect Symposium

Turtle Venture orchestrated a momentous Meet & Greet event with Razor Capital, a prominent UK-based VC firm, as a cornerstone of the inaugural Turtle Connect Symposium’ held on November 5th, 2023 at the distinguished coworking space, Moar, in Dhaka. This event marks a significant stride in Turtle Venture’s dedication to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Bangladesh. 

On November 6, 2023, over 30 dynamic entrepreneurs joined the exlcusive session to meet three notable investors from Razor CapitalAfshin Moayed, VC Investor; Oussama Glilah, Director; and Atif Khalil, Venture Partner of Razor Capital all exemplified the spirit of innovation and collaboration that this event embodied. Nabila Nowrin, CEO of Moar, also graced the occasion. 

 “We see immense potential in the Bangladeshi startup scene and are eager to be a part of its growth story.” – Afshin Moayed, VC Investor, Razor Capital. 

Afshin Moayed, VC Investor, Razor Capital, is sharing his thoughts with the attendees at Meet & Greet With Razor CapitalSaraban Tahura Turin, CEO and Founder, alongside Anowar Sayef, Chief Strategy Officer of Turtle Venture, extended their warm welcome and insights in their opening speeches, setting the tone for a day of forging invaluable connections. 

 ” The magic happens when startups find the right investors who share the same vision and drive.” – Saraban Tahura Turin, CEO and Founder, Turtle Venture. 

Entrepreneurs, VC Firm, and Industry Leaders Unite

The primary objective of the event was to foster meaningful interactions between promising Bangladeshi startups and Razor Capital. Seven selected participants were granted the opportunity to pitch their startups, chosen based on investment readiness criteria spanning from early-stage to seed-stage. Notably, Insurecow, Foshol, WEGROW, Nuport, Revorium, Chhaya, and Inkam delivered presentations that left a lasting impression on the audience. 

Inspirational Voices: Quotes That Resonate 

Startup founders expressed their heartfelt gratitude for such a networking event and leaves with a hope to connect with Venture Capitals more frequently with Turtle Venture initiatives.

” What Turtle Venture did by arranging this event is to give good exposure to the startups to get to meet international investors who have invested in high profile startups in Bangladesh previously. Every day we dont get to meet these people. I would love it if in future they continue with this symposium and make startups community and founders more familiar with VC firms. “- Maliha Rahham, Co-Founder & CEO of LegalX. 

The participants got opportunities to connect with the international investors in person at the Meet & Greet with Razor Capital

The participants got opportunities to connect with the international investors in person at the Meet & Greet with Razor Capital

Key Insights: 

From fruitful investor matchmaking to the untapped potential of Agritech startups, the event marked a pivotal moment for Bangladesh’s burgeoning entrepreneurial landscape. 

  1. Investor Matchmaking: The Meet and Greet provided fertile ground for industry stakeholders, sparking discussions that could potentially lead to fruitful collaborations.
  1. Potential of Agri-Based Startups: Given Bangladesh’s agricultural prominence, Agritech startups demonstrated significant potential, capturing the keen interest of investors.
  1. Spontaneous Participation of Industry Actors: The event drew curiosity-driven attendance from various industry players, highlighting the spontaneous interest and success of the initiative.


Bongo came to the event to promote their latest initiative of ‘Shark Tank Bangladesh’

  1. Bongo’s Intriguing Announcement: Bongo used this platform to promote their latest endeavor – the launch of ‘Shark Tank Bangladesh’ in the country. This impromptu participation significantly enriched the event’s impact.

Turtle Connect Symposium’s Meet & Greet with Razor Capital took place in the well curated co-working space of Moar

Moar: Where Innovation Thrives  

Moar, as the venue partner, provided indispensable support, offering seamless logistics and impeccable hospitality in their meticulously designed space, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.  

Open Doors: Razor Capital Extends an Inviting Hand  

In conclusion, Razor Capital extended an open invitation to all startups to engage with them, underscoring their commitment to nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship. The interactive sessions provided valuable insights, offering actionable strategies to enhance investment readiness within enterprises, proving instrumental for investment raising and decision-making processes. 

From Vision to Venture: The Impactful Turtle Connect Symposium 

Turtle Connect Symposium, a visionary program bolstered by Turtle Venture Limited, was seamlessly executed with Moar as the venue partner and Upstarters as the media partner. This event provided a distinctive platform for founders to showcase their innovative ventures, gain invaluable insights, and potentially secure investments to expedite their business growth. 

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