“Be The Star of Entrepreneurship” Mentorship Sessions: HR Management

“Be The Star of Entrepreneurship” Mentorship Sessions: HR Management

The latest mentorship session of “Be The Star of Entrepreneurship” 2022 was conducted on the 24th of April on HR Management. The session was conducted by Tasnim Mortoza who was the mentor for this particular session. 

Read ahead to know further details on the mentorship session! 

“Be The Star of Entrepreneurship” Mentorship Sessions: HR Management 

Tasnim Mortoza is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Shapla. She is also the Co-Founder/CEO of Procurit.

The session kicked off with general niceties between the mentor and the participants. The participants introduced themselves and interacted with the mentor. The session went on to discuss the definition and simplification of what HR or Human Resources is. 

HR is a relatively recent concept that the corporate world is now adapting to and using, starting around the 1900s. She explained that the management of people working in a workspace environment was centered around accountants previously but now the HR department has expanded further. What HRM does is keep the human resources in the company on track and work with due diligence.

The session continued as she discussed further that the management hugely depends on keeping the workers engaged in their work environment and keeping the environment properly functional and operational. 

Then she went in-depth about how you need to figure out how to break down the levels of running a business or any type of company. After the breakdown stage, you get to build up the levels step by step and do your calculations. Then hire and position people with proper qualifications accordingly.

The skillsets must be properly analyzed and utilized so their talents are optimized. They need to have proper compensation as well as rewards and bonuses to keep them motivated. The session went on to include multiple interaction segments, where the participants asked questions relevant to HRM and the mentor helped nudge them towards a better path. With that, the session came to an end. 


(Written by Saiyara Mahjabin

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