“Be The Star of Entrepreneurship” Mentorship Sessions: Startup Finance

“Be The Star of Entrepreneurship” Mentorship Sessions: Startup Finance

The fifth mentorship session of “Be The Star of Entrepreneurship” 2022 was conducted on 18th April on Startup Finance. The fifth session was on, startup financing. The session was conducted by Kamrul Arefin who was the mentor for this particular session. 

Read ahead to know further details on the mentorship session! 

“Be The Star of Entrepreneurship” Mentorship Sessions: Startup Finance

Kamrul Arefin is a finance specialist who conducted the session on Startup Finance.

He is an investment and financial professional experienced in Investment analysis, financial analysis, stock trading, portfolio management, investment banking, valuation, fundraising & financial modeling, and business analysis.

The workshop participants got to immerse themselves in learning about different areas of startups financing.

The session kicked off with general niceties between the mentor and the participants. The session went on to discuss the definition and simplification of what startup financing is and how to understand what kind of steps should be taken when considering the finances in a startup. He proceeded to explain qualitative valuation models, and what criteria should be existent in one.

The criteria were such as sound idea, prototype, quality management team, strategic relationships, product rollout, or sales. A founder must consider these criteria when weighing valuation. The comparison must be done to understand the market value a startup will bring and what the value drivers would be. 

The session continued as he discussed further and presented charts that describe the different modes of value drivers, their weight range for valuation, targets, base score, and factors. All of these bring up the pre-money valuation. Comparing company valuations would bring forth the internal issues of a startup when facing finance decisions. 

He discussed further about the scorecard method and what factors to consider while figuring out finances. He also engaged in interaction with the participants and discussed existing scenarios and situations for different scaled businesses. After the interactions and discussion regarding the questions the participants had, the session came to an end. 

(Written by Saiyara Mahjabin


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