“Be The Star of Entrepreneurship” Mentorship Sessions: Product Design 

“Be The Star of Entrepreneurship” Mentorship Sessions: Product Design 

The fourth mentorship session of “Be The Star of Entrepreneurship” 2022 was conducted on 16th April on Product Design. The fourth session was on, discussing further products and how to design products to make them marketable. The session was conducted by Atiqur Rahman who was the mentor for this particular session. 

Read ahead to know further details on the mentorship session! 

“Be The Star of Entrepreneurship” Mentorship Sessions: Product Design 

Atiqur Rahman is a user experience designer where design meets with technology & business. He has designed for Telenor, Robi, Dingo, Mati, IPDC, Swiss Life, Ostad, Zantrik, CarteleraApp, Java, Faithcircle, Wondered & many more companies helping them to grow.

The workshop participants got to immerse themselves in learning about different areas of business.

The session kicked off with general niceties between the mentor and the participants. The session went on to discuss the definition and simplification of what product designing is and how to understand what kind of steps should be taken to create a marketable product. He proceeded to explain the characteristics of a good product and what factors should be kept in mind while designing them.

The session continued as he discussed further Feng Shui and the importance of space, usability testing, and advising the participants to learn more about the customers and their interests. He added a quote by Elon Musk- 

“Any product that needs a manual is broken.” 

Implying that a product should be user-friendly and helpful. Then he went in-depth into more design examples of a variety of products, their functions, and how to create products of any kind that will attract user interaction in the simplest way. Discussing digital election ballots, encouraged the participants that if anyone wants to join solely in UI/UX designing, it could be a great idea to do so. After a brief interaction segment, the session came to an end. 


(Written by Saiyara Mahjabin


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